Product Description and Features

LYSAGHT® gate kits are designed to perfectly complement our various fencing styles. Made from COLORBOND® prepainted steel, our gates come with all the flexibility of our fence profiles and can be designed to fit perfectly with your lifestyle and requirements.

  • Available to match NEETASCREEN®
  • MINISCREEN® and our PLUS fencing ranges
  • A choice of Economy, Standard or Premium accessories
  • Each design offers a number of gate widths for maximum flexibility
  • Posts, rails and panel colours can be mixed and matched for attractive combinations
  • Total component system means quick and simple installation
  • Termite and rot resistant

The nominal heights of LYSAGHT® gates are 1500, 1800 and 2100mm from top rail to bottom rail. The bottom rail should be nominally 50mm above ground level. SPANSCREEN® gates are available in 1800mm height.

Width of standard gates (mm)
Single Gate 885mm 885mm 910mm
Extra Wide Single Gate (max) 1645mm 1645mm 1655mm
Distance between fence posts for standard gates – i.e. opening (mm)
Single Gate 905mm 905mm 930mm
Extra Wide Single Gate (max) 1675mm 1675mm 1685mm
Distance between fence posts for pair of gates – i.e. opening (mm)
Single/Single 1800mm 1800mm 1850mm
Single/Extra Wide 2560mm 2560mm 2614mm
Extra Wide/Extra Wide 3320mm 3320mm 3378mm
*Note Manufacturing tolerances apply to all dimensions detailed in this document.

LYSAGHT® Fences and Gates – Non Cyclonic Design and Installation Guide