Product Description and Features

LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 40 is a 40mm deep profile used as a roofing batten for residential tiled roof or steel roof. It is commonly called a “roofing batten”.

The top flange of the profile has an embossed surface to make it easier for the steel roofing screws to grip and ‘bite-in’ without slippage during awkward and steep installation angles (up to 25 degrees). Furthermore the embossment improves the slip resistance when the roofers are walking up the roof structure during the placement of the roof tiles or steel roofing.

The lips of the bottom flanges are rounded for improved safety during handling and installation by the tiler trades. The ends of each length are mitre cut for simple installation at hip and valleys. Nominal lapping (non-structural) is simple and will ensure continuity and straightness of fastener alignment.

  • High strength and light weight
  • Straight and true
  • Won’t shrink, warp, twist or warp
  • The ends of each length are mitre cut for simple installation at hip and valleys
  • Embossed top flange is slip resistant and enables roofing screws to “bite-in” without slippage.
  • LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 40 will support normal installation foot traffic when used in accordance with recognised installation and safety guidelines
  • Store LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 40 clear of the ground and on a slight slope to ensure draining





LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 40 battens are made from TRUECORE® steel (aluminium/zinc alloy coated) complying with AS1397 G550-AM150 (550MPa minimum yield strength, 150g/m2 minimum coating mass)

Physical Properties
Thickness (BMT mm) Mass (kg/m) Yield Strength (MPa) Mass Coating (g/m2)
0.48* 0.60 550 150
0.55 0.67 550 150
0.75 0.91 550 150

* TOPSPAN 0.48 is available in Victoria only




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LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® Design and Installation Guide