Manufactured in Tasmania


When it comes to commercial concealed-fix roofing, nothing comes bigger or better than 100% Australian Klip-Lok 700 TasmanTM, available in the full range of 0.42 and 0.48 gauge standard Colorbond® colours. And don’t think concealed-fix steel roofing is only good on the flat. In addition to its unbeatable size, strength and watertightness, Klip-Lok 700 TasmanTM is also amazingly flexible and well-suited to curved roofs, making it the perfect solution to any commercial roofing project.

No screws, no holes, no leaks.

When it comes to installation we don’t screw around. An average 6000m2 screw-fix deck will have about 36,000 screw holes – each one a possible source of leakage and corrosion over time. But our revolutionary full-width heavy duty clips provide incredible holding strength and stability without puncturing the sheeting. The clips are also self locating to ensure perfect accuracy. No screws, no holes, no leaks.

Wider sheets mean fewer sheets, fewer laps and faster installation, and our profile adds incredible strength so you also need fewer purlins. The unique spring-tensioned clips and sliding brackets of Klip-Lok 700 TasmanTM  allow the sheets to move with temperature changes, eliminating the need for expansion joints. In fact, when you compare total costs with traditional screw-fix roofs, you’ll see just how cost effective Klip-Lok 700 TasmanTM  can be. Factor in the long-term benefits of a concealed-fix roof and you have value that’s hard to beat.

 Colour Range

Klip-Lok 700 TasmanTM is available in the standard range of COLORBOND® steel colours and in unpainted ZINCALUME® steel.

Standard Colour Range

R&W Double Sided Colour Range


Klip-Lok 700 TASMAN